China House still working on food safety procedures

An inspector said that employee training is needed at China House restaurant in Cherokee County to ensure proper food safety.

The restaurant has a provisional food permit, but the restaurant still has critical health safety issues.

For example, the back door was left wide open with food uncovered in the kitchen and the sushi bar during the Jan. 4 health inspection.

Cabbage, cooked noodles and chicken on the counter had no temperature controls. Sushi rice had no written time controls. In addition, there was no consistent date marking system for discarding foods.

Shrimp and chicken thawed in sinks did not have adequate water running over them. And a bag of pot stickers was left on top of the freezer to thaw out.

Fried foods were draining on paper menus instead of paper towels or other proper equipment.

Employees left personal food and drinks all over the kitchen instead of keeping them in a designated area.

China House, 6199 Highway 92, Acworth, passed the routine inspection with 71/C but will be re-inspected.