Cherokee County accepts $250K park grant from poultry producer

Photo illustration depicts some of the improvements to be funded by a $250,000 grant from Pilgrim's, the poultry producer, at Kenney Askew Park in Canton.

Credit: Cherokee County

Credit: Cherokee County

The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners has accepted a $250,000 “Hometown Strong” grant from Pilgrim’s, the poultry producer, and plans to match it with $250,000 in county SPLOST funds for improvements at Kenney Askew Park in Canton.

The Cherokee Recreation & Parks facility is on Univeter Road a short distance from a Pilgrim’s plant, staff said in a report to commissioners.

Plans include a new pavilion and concrete walking track at the Hunkey Mauldin Sports Complex; a new playground; converting tennis courts to pickleball courts and a skate park; adding gravel overflow parking; improving the T-ball field, and enhancing park landscaping.

“In recognition of the grant, the county will agree to name the pavilion for Pilgrim’s, add signage in the park recognizing their contribution, and recognize Pilgrim’s as one of our community partners for recreation in print and digital formats,” staff said. Information:

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