Food Well Alliance’s Fruit Tree Sale is Feb. 11

Credit: Food Well Alliance

Credit: Food Well Alliance

For Food Well Alliance’s Fruit Tree Sale, more than 50 varieties of fruit trees, berry bushes and vines are available online until Feb. 3.

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If you can’t decide on a tree, come to the in-person sale and pickup day from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Feb. 11 at the 970 Jefferson Building, 970 Jefferson St. NW, Atlanta, where there will be free workshops led by Concrete Jungle for beginner and advanced tree care and by experts who can help with your selections.

There also will be tastings and activities offered on Feb. 11.

The sale raises funds for The Orchard Project, the Community Farmers Markets and Concrete Jungle.

The Fruit Tree Sale is a collaborative effort among Food Well Alliance, Community Farmers Markets, Concrete Jungle, naturalist and educator Robby Astrove and the Atlanta Regional Commission.

To volunteer during the sale, sign up and receive 10% off towards your fruit tree purchase.

For questions about the Fruit Tree Sale, contact or about The Orchard Project, contact Fred Conrad at

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