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Q: The mayor of Alpharetta has a replica of himself on his desk that I heard was made at MiniMe. I’m curious. Can you tell me about this place?

A: MiniMe Factory has a studio based in Alpharetta that offers a full body replica in a mini version of an individual, a couple or a group of up to four people.

A background in graphic design and IT technology kept Reza Nourali curious enough to be a forward thinker as he came across 3D technology while traveling in Europe.

“I was into action figures as a kid so this started as a self-interest to have a life-like capture,” founder of MiniMe Factory Reza Nourali said. Bringing his vision to life “was the next dimension.”

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The studio has a full-height photo booth with 100 cameras that take a 360-degree image. While holding your pose (under three seconds), each camera snapshots twice with 200 images taken.

Size and cost range from 3 ($75) to 9 inches ($349) per person. Bestsellers are 5, 6 and 7 inches ranging from $150 to $200, according to the founder.

The turnaround time is two to three weeks.

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“We have tested a lot of color combinations and based on the outcome, we’ve noticed that certain colors are nicer than others and certain styles, like patterns, replicate better," he said. "Larger or bold patterns work well as well as a logo or writing. A lot of athletes wear their jerseys that come out great without any problem.”

In addition to the studio, MMF has a mobile device that can handle up to two people.

For parties, such as birthdays or weddings, a 3D photo booth is used to capture a person’s face and head. The preview is instant on a touch screen that offers choices of characters, action figures, etc., that the face can be placed on.

“One of the most rewarding things in this business is seeing the customer’s face when they see themselves in the miniature version for the first time. You can come in and see the samples on display, but it does not give you the same feeling as when you hold yourself, your kids, grandkids or pet,” Nourali said.

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