Aerial adventure park offers family fun

Q: I have family coming to visit soon and wanted to know about Treetop Quest in Dunwoody. Is this a place that a range of ages can participate in and enjoy?

A: Treetop Quest is a self-guided and paced aerial adventure park that offers fun, physical challenges for all ages.

Located in Brook Run Park, the park is open to ages 4 and up allowing 2.5 hours to maneuver through the canopied courses.

“Adventure parks have been popular in Europe for a lot longer than they have here in the United States. Our parent company, Altiplano, has been operating parks over in France for about 20 years now and around 2010 they really saw a market growing in the United States. The Dunwoody location opened in 2015,” Director of Operations Sara Baggett said.

Upon arrival each participant is given gloves and a harness. They then go through a short briefing and practice course on the ground before heading out ensuring that everyone understands how to use their equipment.

“All of our courses use a continuous lifeline. This means that once somebody begins a course, the equipment isn’t able to detach from the lifeline until they either complete the course or a staff member helps them to the ground,” she said.

The Dunwoody location has the longest zip lines and offers over 80 various obstacles from wooden bridges to tight ropes that you walk across.

“From Tarzan swings to cargo nets, rock walls, swinging logs and zip lines, you can be challenged as much or as little as you wish,” Baggett added.

The Chick Pea course is for ages 4-6 that includes ground supervision. Level one is for beginners (kids and adults) ages 7 and up. The next level is intermediate and considered a course for a “fun family challenge”.

For the adrenaline junkies, all zip lines, level 3 is your pick. For 12 and older, the ultimate course considered difficult will test your balance and strength.

Reservations are required at this time and need to be made online.

Address: 2341 Peeler Road, Dunwoody (770-365-0356)

For more information or for reservations, visit

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