Add indoor skydiving to your bucket list

Credit: contri

Credit: contri

Q: My bucket list is being updated for adventures in 2021 and I am sliding iFly to this year’s top 10 things to do. Please give me some insight into this skydiving place in Smyrna.

A: iFly is an indoor skydiving venue that offers the simulation of parachuting conditions in a vertical wind tunnel using air that is recycled from the outdoors.

The first location was opened in 1998 in Orlando, Florida, and has opened over 80 locations worldwide, according to their website.

The diameter of the tunnel is 14 feet with a height of 50 feet.

Ages 3 up to 103 can fly with a weight limit of 300 pounds.

“The first flight is getting the basics down, understanding the hand signs and not freaking out,” said lead instructor Cody Hendrick.

First-time flyers are required to take the training class that includes a short video followed by instructions.

“It’s sensory overload so the biggest thing we try to do is get people to relax in the tunnel and do less,” he said.

On a recent Tuesday afternoon, ages and sizes varied among the suited-up flyers. Some were naturals in the air. Some struggled.

Instructor Lucas Sparks provided hands-on assistance, communicating with hand signals and encouragement.

“Every person is a puzzle and every person is going to fly differently just because of their body type, height, weight, flexibility,” Hendrick said. “A whole bunch of things goes into how one flies.

Hendrick has flown a 94-year-old for her birthday and coached several kids in the sport, but said, “The most rewarding people to fly are all-ability flyers: quadriplegics, quad amputees, blind, deaf, autistic. You’ll see their face completely light up,” he added.

At the end of every class, the instructor demonstrates their skills and tricks showing what is possible.

All packages have a minimum of two one-minute flights.

Address: 2778 Cobb Parkway, S.E., Atlanta (across from Truist Park) (678-803-4359) - closed on Mondays. For more information, visit

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