Where does the South fall among America’s favorite accents?

What Accents Are America's Favorites? A survey by UK-based Moneypenny asked 500 Americans which accents they find the most attractive. The southern accent ranked as the most attractive and most pleasing. It also was the one that made customers most likely to buy something. New Yorkers ranked as having the least pleasant accent. And the Boston accent was the least attractive.

Not all southern states were rated favorably in the survey of 500 Americans

If you want to make folks buy, southern charm is the way to go, according to a new study.

A recent study by UK-based client call and chat brand, Moneypennysurveyed 500 United States participants on their feelings toward various accents. After assessing speech from Britain, France and parts of the U.S. like New York, Boston and Minnesota, the South came out on top.

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The study found that 20.2% of customers were more likely to make a purchase when speaking to a southerner. British accents placed second with 13.3% being pushed to buy, and New Yorkers came in third, convincing 12.7% of people to make a purchase.

Southern accents also won out for friendliness and for making people feel welcome. Plus, participants found the southern accent the most attractive.

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Still, not all southern accents were well received. Louisiana natives didn’t make customers want to buy. New York and Boston accents didn’t fare well either, which participants found the least attractive. New York was also ranked highest for being the least pleasant at 36.2%.