Where can I find it?

Q: My husband has used English Leather after shave for more than 50 years, and in recent years it has been increasingly difficult to find. The cologne is available but not the after shave. Could you assist me in locating it, either in a physical location or online? Thanks. — Sally Jackson, St. Petersburg, Fla.

A: Sally, I found English Leather online at walgreens.com. It’s not sold in Walgreens stores. You can get free shipping with an order of $25 or more. Each 8-ounce bottle of English Leather after shave costs $14.51; you easily can order two so your husband doesn’t run out for a while, and you won’t have to pay shipping fees.

Q: I’ve been trying to locate Jell-O brand instant pudding for a long time. The flavor I’m looking for is butter pecan. If you can help me, I would really appreciate it. My family enjoys the dessert I make very much. — Sara Haney, Buford

A: Sara, I’m afraid that Jell-O hasn’t offered butter pecan instant pudding for quite a few years. But since you’re using the mix in a recipe, you might be interested in buying it in bulk. The best price I found was through Walnut Creek Cheese, a specialty food store in Amish country. Made by Bulk Foods Inc., instant butter pecan pudding mix sells for $4.19 per pound. For your recipe, figure 1/2 cup of the mix equals one box. You can order online through walnutcreekcheese.com or by calling 877-852-2888. The product code for butter pecan instant pudding is 100038.

Q: I adore the LaCroix bubbling water in coconut flavor. But, recently, my local Kroger and Publix have both quit carrying this particular flavor, though I see that all of the icky fruit flavors are readily available. What’s up with that? Can you help me find it? Thanks. — Amy Lighthill, Decatur

A: Amy, coconut LaCroix, which was introduced in 2011, is my favorite sparkling water flavor, too. And, you’re right, it’s often the most difficult flavor to find. I did spot some coconut LaCroix, although it’s going to be a bit of a hike for you if you can’t get your local Publix to get it in a store nearby. In the meantime, you’ll find all of the coconut LaCroix sparkling water you want at Publix, 270 Rucker Road, Alpharetta, 770-360-5591. A 12-pack costs $4.79.

Q: I had a very good merlot wine called Sycamore Lane when we were at Tybee Island. I couldn’t find it there in the stores and have not been able to find it locally around Atlanta. Think you can help? Thanks. — D. DeLauder, Atlanta

A: I had the same trouble you had when I called around for information on Sycamore Lane merlot. However, I noticed that it was featured on some Atlanta restaurant wine lists. Finally, a local liquor store offered to order a case of the wine, and informed me that it was, indeed, a restaurant label. You’ll find Sycamore Lane merlot at Decatur Package Store, 1220 Clairmont Road, Decatur, 404-633-5250. A bottle costs $6.49. If you want to purchase a case, you’ll get a 10-percent discount.