Where can I find it?

Having trouble finding a particular item? We'll try to help you locate it. Because of the volume of mail, we cannot track down every request. Write to us at Buyer's Edge Find It, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 223 Perimeter Center Parkway N.E., Atlanta, GA 30346; email sabinem.morrow@gmail.com (include your name, the city you live in and a daytime phone number); or call 404-526-7205.

Q: Thank you for your column. Would it be possible to find a source for me for Elizabeth Arden's Eau Fraiche — a lovely cologne discontinued several years ago. I have been unable to find it anywhere. You seem to have magical connections. Thank you in advance. — Paula Reeves, email

A: While Elizabeth Arden no longer makes the fragrance Eau Fraiche, there’s still some available through Amazon. I found a 1.7-ounce spray for $70, which is much more than you originally paid. But, if you’re still sure that you love the fragrance, buy two because it probably won’t be long until it’s gone forever. And, remember, perfume doesn’t have an infinite shelf life, so a bottle that’s been around for a few years, might not retain its original fragrance. To keep your fragrances from turning, keep them in the dark. And if you’ve got a sealed bottle or two that you know you won’t be opening for a while, stash them in the fridge.

Q: I appreciate and enjoy reading Where Can I Find It. I'm looking for the electrical cord that plugs into the side of a Sunbeam Mixmaster mixer from the 1960s. This has personal sentiment to me. It belonged to my late Aunt Virginia. I hope you can help. — Ywannee Nix, Decatur

A: How lucky you are to have a vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster. Sunbeam makes both detachable power cords and those that need to be wired to the appliance. To get your aunt's Mixmaster up and running, you can order the detachable power cord for $8.95 by calling Household Appliance Sales and Service, 800-786-2326. You can check out the website at www.householdappliance.com.

Q: I grew up in central New Jersey, and love Herr's potato chips. I even had a part-time job in high school working in one of their warehouses. Is there anywhere in the metro area that sells them? If not, are there any plans in the future to carry them? — Marc Vogel, McDonough

A: Marc, you’ll find individual 2.75-ounce bags of Herr’s chips in a wide variety of flavors, including baby back ribs, salt-and-pepper, ketchup and jalapeno, for 83 cents each at Food Depot, 560 Macon St., McDonough, 770 954-0610.

Q: I am trying to locate bottles of Un-du adhesive remover, locally. I haven't been able to locate any since using my last bottle of this amazing product. Thank you. — Gayle Faires, Carrollton

A: Un-du is a photo-safe, acid-free adhesive, sticker, tape and label remover that is ideal for scrapbooking as well as photo archiving. You’ll find 4-ounce bottles for $6.97 in the craft department at Walmart Supercenter, 1735 Highway 27, Carrollton, 770-834-3513.