Where Can I Find It?

Q: We have been shopping at Little European Bakery in Sandy Springs for over a decade. Unfortunately, it closed. Can you find a place that sells good German and European bread and pastries? Thank you for making us happy again. — Kay Makarenko, email

A: At the Village Corner, 6655 James B. Rivers Drive, Stone Mountain, 770-498-0329, you’ll find a German restaurant with a full service bakery loaded with German sweets and breads. Cookies include spicy gingerbread men as well as jam-filled Linzer tarts and rugelach. As for German breads, you can take home Black Forest pumpernickel, sourdough rye and farmer’s bread, among others. The bakery also turns out apple strudel and the elegant Linzer torte made with hazelnuts and a raspberry filling.

Q: You’ve done such a great job at finding obscure items that I thought I’d give it a try. Whole Foods used to carry a prepackaged duck liver pate, but they told me that they no longer have it and that if I want it, I’d have to order a case, which is too much. Is there any place else in town that carries duck liver pate? It doesn’t have to be prepackaged. I don’t mind buying it by the pound. Thank you. — Sharon Taber, Sandy Springs

A: Gee, Sharon, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to be saddled with a whole case of duck liver pate that you’d have to sell your house to afford. But, not to worry, you can get as little or as much pate as you want. I found two sources for you. First, Star Provisions, 1198 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, 404-365-0410, stocks a duck liver terrine that sells for $7 per ounce. At Buford Highway Farmer’s Market, 5600 Buford Highway, Doraville, 770-455-0770, you’ll find Cognac-spiked Alexian duck liver mousse pate. A 5-ounce package sells for $5.99. You’ll find it in the gourmet cheese cabinet on aisle 20.

Q: My 95-year-old mother would now like to switch to Postum from coffee, and I cannot find it near us. I did find it for an exorbitant price online, but I thought perhaps you could tell me where I could buy it closer to home. Thanks for all you do. — Kay Miller, Atlanta

A: While Postum was first created in the late 1800s as a healthy, caffeine-free drink, the roasted grain instant beverage was never billed as a coffee replacement in its early years. However, that’s how many consumers now think of Postum. The wheat-based mix, eventually bought by Kraft, was discontinued in 2007, leaving many fans high and dry. A couple of years ago, the rights to Postum were acquired by Eliza’s Quest Foods, and Postum became available online through www.postum.com. Little by little, the drink is making its way to retail outlets. Locally, you can find 8-ounce jars of Postum for $9.99 at the Adventist Book Center (ABC Store), 294 Hamilton E. Holmes Drive, Atlanta, 404-799-1003.

You can stop looking

Q: For years, I’ve been trying to locate a Tom’s Coconut Slice bar. This is the one that has the color combination of yellow/white/red, not the brown/white/pink coconut bar by a Tom’s competitor. I believe that, years ago, Walmart carried them, but I have not be able to successfully find them since. Any help would be greatly appreciated. — JD, Atlanta

A: Tom’s Snacks Company got its start in Columbus, Georgia, in 1925, when inventor Tom Huston came up with a mechanical peanut sheller and roasting process for shelled peanuts that he packaged in small cellophane bags. Tom’s Snacks ended up with many owners, including General Mills, a British company and, finally, in 2005, its largest competitor, Lance, bought Tom’s. Soon after, Tom’s Coconut Slice became a casualty of the acquisition when the company decided to concentrate on “salty snacks.” Unfortunately, there are no more Tom’s Coconut Slice bars to be had. However, there are the Neopolitan bars you mentioned, and if you check some Latin stores, you’ll find Maria’s Coconut Slice boasting red, white and green stripes, and there’s also Tropical Treat coconut slice candy with mango, pineapple, banana and kiwi stripes. You also can find red-and-white coconut bars and a watermelon-flavored coconut slice bar. You can order any of these coconut candies online through www.candyandnutstore.com, and maybe you’ll find a new favorite.

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