Where Can I Find It?

Q: When I visit my children, I take along my curling iron and it’s always a nuisance to pack. I usually wrap it up in my nightgowns inside my luggage, but when I’m using it, there’s no place to store it while it’s still warm. I’m always afraid one of my grandchildren is going to touch it. Does anyone make a carrying case that isn’t too bulky or hard, but that is specifically made for a curling iron? If so, I’d love to find one, and if it’s available in the Atlanta area, that would be even better. Thank you for checking on this for me. I’m sure others who travel with curling irons might be looking, too. — Joyce Johnson, Atlanta

A: Joyce, I think I found the ideal solution. Check out Vera Bradley, 3500 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, 404-467-8345. The store stocks Straighten Up and Curl, a color-packed line of clever sleeves specially designed to hold your curling iron when you’re on the go. The soft case features a heat-resistant lining, so you can stash a hot iron if you need to, and there’s a handy elastic pocket in the front that holds the cord. Each sleeve costs $25.

Q: Years ago, my dad used a hand-held ice cracker that was made of plastic and had a long flexible handle with a rounded metal center in the head. He would put an ice cube in the palm of his hand and whack it with the cracker head. It was perfect for making crushed ice for cocktails. I would like to locate this item for use in hotels while traveling. I hope you can locate this for me. Thank you. — Jill Richard, email

A: While you can find vintage ice crackers or tappers on eBay, there are a couple of companies that have brought the handy bar gadget back. Williams-Sonoma has the Chef’n ice cracker for $14.95 available online through www.williams-sonoma.com. Or, you can call Williams-Sonoma, 404-812-1703, and ask that the ice cracker be shipped to the store for pick-up. Another option is the plastic and stainless steel Ice Tapper, which is a nostalgic throwback to the 1950s, and also made to break up ice in your hand for the ideal cocktail. It’s available through www.cocktailkingdom.com, and costs $10.95.

Q: A couple of years ago, I received a mascara sample that was for lower lashes only. The brush was tiny so that mascara didn’t smear when I put it on. I don’t know the name, but I’d really like to find it again. I’m looking for a dark brown color, if possible. Thanks. — M. Kelly, Sandy Springs

A: Clinique came out with a bottom lash mascara a few years ago, so maybe that’s the one you’re thinking about. It features a small silver tube with a little wand a fraction of the size of a regular mascara brush. It’s available for $10 at Sephora, 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, 678-731-9950. The mascara, formulated to wash off easily with warm water, comes in black and black/brown.

Q: With fall coming soon, I’m starting to long for my favorite spray freshener by Claire Burke. I can find some scents but I’m looking for the original apple. It’s hard to come by and I hope it’s not discontinued. Can you help? I don’t want to order it but would prefer to pick it up myself. Thank you. — Dorothy Smith, Atlanta

A: Not to worry. The original spicy Applejack-and-Peel fragrance by Claire Burke is still available, and you can purchase it locally. You’ll find the 3-ounce home fragrance spray for $10 at Scents ‘n Suds, 1544 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, 404-875-7568.