Where can I find it?

Q: I’m trying to find Loyall dry cat food in the large 20-pound bag. The pet stores and grocery stores I’ve tried don’t carry this brand. Can you help? Thanks. — B. Carter, Roswell

A: Made by Nutrena, and owned by mega corporation Cargill, Loyall dry cat food is most often found in feed stores. In your area, look for 20-pound bags of Loyall, $21.99, at North Fulton Feed and Seed, 12950 Highway 9, Alpharetta, 770-475-5572.

Q: Growing up in Buffalo, New York, we enjoyed a chocolate confection called sponge candy, which was drenched in rich chocolate, with a light honeycombed center. It’s an item unique to western New York. It is widely available at candy stores and grocery stores year round. Since moving south, I no longer can buy it locally and must rely on friends and relatives to bring some when they visit. However, now my three kids love it, so it doesn’t last long in the house! It is labor intensive to make, so I haven’t attempted that. Can you help find a local chocolatier or retailer of this regional specialty? Thank you. — Susan Dunn, Brookhaven

A: From now on, you’ll find that this crunchy, chocolate-covered favorite will easily be available in your home any time you like. Sprouts Farmers Market, 2480 Mt. Vernon Road, Dunwoody, 678-690-1237, stocks the honeycomb or sponge candy coated in your choice of dark or milk chocolate. The chubby candy squares are located in the store’s bulk section and sell for $4.99 per pound. The candy is available year round.

Q: I am looking for whole wheat flour made from white wheat, as opposed to the red wheat that makes up regular whole wheat flour. I’ve looked in numerous supermarkets and specialty stores in the Atlanta area, unsuccessfully. The prices online, with shipping included, are outrageous. Your help in finding it anywhere in the Atlanta area would be greatly appreciated. — David Vetula, Locust Grove

A: Forget about ordering your flour online. I found four brands of white whole wheat flours, which is lighter in color and flavor than dark whole wheat, at Sevananda Natural Foods Market, 467 Moreland Ave., Atlanta, 404-681-2831. You can select from Bob’s Red Mill, $5.99 for a 5-pound bag, and King Arthur white whole wheat, $6.99 for a 5-pound bag. In bulk, you have a choice of Heartland Mill and Arrowhead white whole wheat flours that sell for $1.29 per pound.

Q: I have been unable to find Dip It, which is used to remove hidden lime, calcium and other deposits from electric percolators. My daughter found the liquid Dip It, but I prefer the powder for my Farberware percolator, and am unable to find it. Thanks. — Maxine Spilton, Alpharetta

A: Maxine, you’ll have no trouble ridding your coffee maker of those pesky deposits. While Dip It in powder form is still available, the name is a little different these days. It’s now called Dip It Lime-A-Way food and beverage stain remover. You can get a 5-ounce box of Dip It powder for $3.99 at Johns Creek Ace Hardware, 10875 Jones Bridge Road, Alpharetta, 770-442-5030.