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Q: I hope you can help me. I've tried many types of stores and haven't had any luck finding Romany fudge cookies. I bought these on a vacation in South Africa and didn't think to bring back more than a single pack. They're delicious, and I would really like to find them without having to make another long trip just for these cookies, although they might be worth it. Thanks for any help you can offer. — M. Harrison, Atlanta

A: Not to worry, you won’t have to go far to find Bakers Romany Creams chocolate fudge sandwich cookies. You’ll find them, along with a wide variety of South African goods, at the South African Shop (Cape Food and Beverage), 2080 Peachtree Industrial Court, Atlanta, 877-972-3663. Each package costs $3.29; a much better deal than a round-trip ticket for a cookie run to Cape Town.

Q: When I lived in New Jersey, I was able to purchase Automatic Long Lasting lip liner, Mahogany 017. The hair salon in New Jersey no longer carries it, and I cannot find a place in or near Cumming that sells this. I looked online, but apparently, the company only sells to salons. Can you please locate a salon or online site where I may purchase this item? I am willing to purchase as many as a half-dozen at a time, if necessary. Thank you. — Marilyn Besen, email

A: Marilyn, I found an online source for your lip liner that offers it at a pretty decent price. Check out www.skinholistic.com out of Oregon. Here, you’ll not only find a wide array of natural skin care products, but also cosmetics, including Automatic lip liner in seven shades, and mahogany 017 is on the list. The liner is priced at $8.85 each.

Q: I have been using Maybelline Ultra-Brow Brush-On Color, light brown, for decades. It has recently been discontinued, and I tried to keep up by buying many at one time, but now I am in need. Do you know of any place I can now purchase this product? Thank you for your help. — Gloria Nelson, Roswell

A: Gloria, because Maybelline has discontinued the product, and the stores are finally out of stock, you’re left with only a couple of options. The first is to look for a comparable product, and the second is to hit the Internet. In this case it means Amazon.com or ebay.com. You’ll find Ultra-Brow in light brown on both sites. The most reasonable price I found was for $9.99 on eBay. If you go to Amazon, make sure you check out the prices below the first price you see and look at what other sellers are asking.

Q. I'm looking for coffee syrup, similar to chocolate syrup. I can't find it anywhere. Thanks. — Roger Engler, email

A: It doesn’t sound as if you’re looking for any of the popular syrups that flavor upscale java in coffee houses. Those are transparent and nothing like chocolate syrup. Autocrat is the gold standard for coffee syrups and has been a Rhode Island favorite since 1930. Autocrat wasn’t without competition from Eclipse, which made a similar product, but pretty much took care of that pesky problem by buying out the company. Today, Autocrat offers both coffee syrups. You can order Autocrat online from www.littlerhodyfoods.com or by calling 800-746-3934, but there’s a case minimum, meaning that you’ll end up with six 16-ounce bottles of the syrup for $24.95. If that’s too much of a commitment for you, consider amazon.com, where you’ll find a 16-ounce of Autocrat coffee syrup for $9.99.

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