VOTE: What is the best food truck in Atlanta? | Best of Atlanta

When you have a choice of your meal on wheels, which food truck is your favorite?

If you’ve lived in Atlanta for any decent amount of time, you know some our best food comes from trucks.

Food trucks serve everything from burgers to Lebanese barbecue. And with the Street Food Coalition's handy calendar, it's easy to find a food truck near you.

This week’s Best of Atlanta poll wants to know what your go-to food truck is. Do you prefer a fusion of tastes or a traditional menu? Are you a beef or seafood person?

Don't see your favorite food truck on our list? Submit a write-in nominee by emailing your pick to

If enough people suggest your favorite spot, we’ll add it to our poll.

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If you’re looking for something indoors, we have some suggestions to get a good meal.

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