Sip some free wine and show off your skating skills in Lilburn

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Sip on your favorite glass of vino free of charge before the month is over in Lilburn.

Free Wine & is hosting their monthly event, Free Wine & Roller Skating, at Skate Along USA on Feb. 20. There, they invite attendees to "Come out and skate with us, Chicago Style."

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Complimentary wine is on tap for the event, which costs $7 to get in. There’s a separate area for dancing and folks 18 and older can attend, but only those 21 and up can indulge in an adult beverage. All attendees should wear casual attire.

As for what tunes will be playing during the event, organizers say it’ll be old school hip hop and R&B along with JB Skate music — JB standing for James Brown.  The latter accompanies a skating style that emerged in Chicago in the 1970s that was created by Calvin Small and two friends.

"We created this style just because we wanted to be different than the other skaters," Small told WTTW. "It was just footwork, smooth footwork."

Classic steps include moves called “crazy legs,” big wheel” and “crazy legs.”

You can your pals could bust similar moves at Skate Along USA. The recreational skating rink is family owned and operated and hosts birthday parties, fundraisers and a variety of events throughout the month, including $1 Mondays.

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Free Wine & Roller Skating
9 p.m.- midnight Thursday, Feb. 20 
Skate Along USA: 744 Beaver Ruin Rd. Lilburn