Where can I find it?

Q: My kids love playing games, and we play as a family quite often. With holiday company coming and going until after New Year’s, we’re looking for new games that we haven’t played before. I’ve been looking for Shocktato with no luck. You toss it around like a hot potato but it has a little shock or buzz. My boys would love this. I think it’s fairly new. Please help me find this. Thanks. P. Garcia, email

A: Shocktato party game is a Kickstarter project that is now available. Like its name implies, Shocktato is an Idaho spud-size potato that plays music as it is quickly passed around by the players. Once the music stops, get ready to be shocked — literally — if you're left holding the spud. The player who gets shocked is bounced from the game. Shocktato is available for $34.99 through Amazon.

Q: We are going on a trip soon and I have been trying to find a store that carries women’s overshoes like the slip-resistant reusable rain snow shoe covers I found on eBay, or at least something similar. There are several online outlets but I don’t want to buy without trying them on. Thanks for any direction you can give me. Michaelene Gorney, Johns Creek

A: I'm not sure where you're going and how much cold and rain you'll have to endure, but I'm sending you to nearby Killer Creek Harley-Davidson, 11480 Alpharetta Highway, Roswell, 770-777-1000. The store stocks unisex Rain Gaiter Lug Sole boot covers that provide protection from the elements and feature slip-resistant soles. They're priced at $60. The covers are available in various sizes, and you can try them on to see how they fit with your particular shoes or boots.

Q: I love your column. My Publix and Kroger do not carry the Naturally Fresh Lite Ranch dressing. I have tried other stores in Johns Creek. They do not have any. I tried Sprouts. They did not have any. When I spoke to the managers they were surprised, because it is a big seller. Thank you for your help. Sheila Berman, Dawsonville

A: Sheila, you missed a store. Naturally Fresh dressings are located in the refrigerated section at Ingles Markets, 6055 Bethelview Road, Cumming, 770-887-2436. A 12-ounce jar of Naturally Fresh Lite Ranch costs $3.98. Ingredients include cultured buttermilk, soybean oil, eggs, vinegar, lemon juice and garlic powder.

It’s back

Old Dutch Sweet-and-Sour dressing is easily one of the most requested hard-to-find products that comes this way. A while back, Reily Brands decided to discontinue the oil, fat and cholesterol-free dressing and marinade. Fans were crushed. Earlier this year, I was told by the company that due to an overwhelming number of inquiries, Reily was bringing back Old Dutch, but that it would be sometime in the future, and for a while, only available online. The future has arrived. Reily Brands, which also turns out Blue Plate mayo, Swans Down cake flour, Luzianne tea and French Market coffee, is once again offering Old Dutch, and it sports a new bottle, but the same flavor fans love. You can order a 10-ounce bottle of Old Dutch Sweet-and-Sour dressing for $3.25 through reilyproducts.com or by calling 800-692-7895.