Where can I find it?

Q: There is a hair product that I have enjoyed using, and cannot locate. Hopefully, you will be able to assist me. It is made by Schwarzkopf and called Got 2b Fat-tastic Instant Collagen Infusion Thickening Plumping Mousse. It comes in an 8.5-ounce yellow-and-silver can. Thank you for your assistance. Claire Simpson, Cumming

A: Claire, I found your mousse for $3.99 through ulta.com (and $15 on Amazon.com), but note that none of the Ulta stores I checked with carry the product. And you might want to get several because fans of the mousse are asking Schwarzkopf to bring it back, although the company website still lists the product.

Q: Like many, I look forward to your article in my Sunday paper. While living in New Orleans for many years, I became proficient at making my jambalaya, which included alligator sausage. Even my native New Orleanian friends told me it was the best they’d ever had. After exhaustive searches, I’ve never been able to find the sausage here in Atlanta. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Robert Stovall, email

A: Thanks for reading, Robert. Cajun Meat Company, 2211 Roswell Road, Marietta, 770-321-4300, sells an unseasoned sausage made from a combination of alligator and pork. Since alligator meat is so lean, the pork adds much-needed fat. It sells for $15.99 per pound. As its name implies, Cajun Meat Company offers a wide variety of offerings found in Louisiana. This is your go-to place for turducken, loads of fresh sausages — including pork boudin and andouille, stuffed duck, quail, rabbit and whole pigs. And if you need to serve a crowd, you might consider the boneless pig stuffed with a turkey, duck and chicken. Pigturkucken?

Q: My father-in-law loves hamburgers made with a Knorr seasoning called hackbraten. I’ve looked but have not found this, and I have no idea where else to go. He’s coming to visit in a few months, and I would really like to prepare a meal he’ll love. Help. J. Weber, Johns Creek

A: Knorr Fix Hackbraten, a German seasoned meatloaf mix, also works for burgers and meatballs. Ingredients include breadcrumbs, onions, salt, palm oil, pepper and nutmeg. You’ll find packets of Knorr Fix Hackbraten for $3.49 each at International Gourmet Food, 222 S. Main St., Alpharetta, 678-566-1391.

You can stop looking

During Prohibition, flavored cocktail mixers gained popularity as they masked the harsh flavors of bathtub gin, and Canada Dry credits its vigorous start to those rough spirits. Those of you who have written because you’re missing your sweet-and-sour Tom or vodka Collins cocktails can give up the search for Canada Dry Collins mixer. After many decades in production, the lemon-flavored mixer was discontinued about a year ago, according to the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, which now owns the brand.