Where can I find it?


Where can I find it?

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Tampico chorizo chili seasoning mix adds a mildly warm kick to Mexican-inspired dishes.

Q: I received an order from Martha & Marley Spoon, Martha Stewart’s meal delivery service. It was a Mexican dish. The seasoning used was Tampico Chorizo Chili mix. It’s a powder spice. I was able to locate it on the manufacturer’s website. But it’s only available in a 240-pound drum. Can you please help me locate it in a family size portion? Thanks. Jenny Stanley, Alpharetta

A: Jenny, the family-owned Tampico Spice Company, based in Los Angeles, packages its spices for both industrial and retail markets. Unfortunately, the little cellophane packets of Tampico spices and seasonings hang in supermarkets only as far east as Texas. The good news, however, is that you can order Tampico Chorizo Chili mix in smaller quantities than that daunting 240-pound drum. I spoke with the owner’s grandson, Jesse Navarro, who told me that you can call the office at 323-235-3154, ask for him, and place an order for one pound of the seasoning mix, which is the smallest available quantity. Navarro suggested doling the seasoning out to friends as gifts, since it’s that good. A pound costs $6.60, and shipping charges to you are approximately $8.61. It’s not outrageous when you consider that a pound yields a substantial amount of seasoning.

Q: For many years in the 1970-80s, I used a hair conditioner called Flex Balsam and Protein. This product removed the frizz from my hair and left it silky smooth. This is quite a feat for curly hair in humid North Florida! Recently, I’ve been looking for this product in the usual places and can’t find it. Can you? Thanks. Mary Burns, Tucker

A: Mary, your request is a popular one, and it’s time to let you and other readers know that you can all stop looking. Revlon no longer makes the shampoo and conditioner, although many former users are still mourning the loss. You’ll find several Facebook pages set up by unhappy Flex fanatics demanding the return of their favorite hair care products. Unfortunately, fans are buying expensive Flex on eBay. Don’t be tempted. It’s a fake from India.

Q: I can no longer find Kraft Sandwich Spread in stores. Thank you for your help. R. Callaway, Alpharetta

A: The good news is that Kraft Sandwich Spread is still available, and it’s sold near you. You can buy 13-ounce jars of the creamy spread for $2.08 at Walmart Supercenter, 5200 Windward Parkway, Milton, 770-772-9033. You’ll find it on aisle A 8.

Q: My parents are going on their first trip to Mexico. They’re excited, but also concerned about safety and any potential theft. They’ve heard that sensitive information can be stolen from their passports remotely. I’d like to calm their fears, and I heard about a passport cover that keeps their information safe. I don’t know how it works, but I’d love to find this for them. Thank you. Dave Kelly, email.

A: Your parents are wise to be cautious. It’s not impossible for someone with a specific cellphone app to steal personal information from a biometric passport since all U.S. passports now are embedded with RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) chips. A protective RFID-blocking passport sleeve like the one by Pacsafe is designed to keep digital pickpockets at bay. You’ll find the sleeves for $5.99 each at The Container Store, 3637 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, 404-963-9602.

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