Where can I find it?

Q: I have an Old Testament bible with a handwritten note indicating the bible was a gift on Nov. 10, 1900. I also have a New Testament bible with a printed date of 1901. Both bibles were donated to our neighborhood swim club. Can you tell me where in Atlanta I can have these bibles appraised? I tried an online “Just Answer” site, which did not give me anything for my $5, and it tried to charge me a $38 monthly fee. Thank you. Le Sowell, Lawrenceville

A: I've got your answer, and it won't cost you a dime. Call or visit Atlanta Vintage Books, 3660 Clairmont Road, Chamblee, 770-457-2919. Not only is the store filled with an excellent collection of older books, including a large selection of out-of-print children's volumes, as well as an experienced staff, it also is home to several friendly cats, who will gladly welcome you.

Q: What I’m looking for is something that I enjoyed but can’t find now. It must be a new product that is only available in certain locations. Recently, I was in the Philly area on business and shopped at Wegmans as I always do when I’m there. I was in the coffee and tea aisle looking for the cinnamon tea I usually drink, and saw Bigelow licorice tea. I bought a box on a lark and, oh my gosh, was it amazing. It never dawned on me that I wouldn’t find it at the grocery stores in Atlanta, but I have not. To make matters worse, I’ve even checked the Bigelow website, and there is no reference to the licorice tea. I haven’t found any licorice tea in the stores in Atlanta. Can you help me with my latest addiction? William Johnson, email

A: William, you're right that Bigelow has no listing for a licorice tea, just some teas that use licorice root, but not as a main flavor ingredient. I called Wegmans in Philadelphia, and the only licorice tea that the store stocks, according to the customer service rep I spoke with, is Yogi Egyptian licorice. Locally, you'll find Yogi Egyptian licorice tea at Ingles Market, 650 Rockbridge Road, Lilburn, 770-381-7318. A box of 16 tea bags costs $4.08. But, wait, there's more. At Sprouts Farmers Market, 4310 Lavista Road, Tucker, 470-260-2368, you'll find Yogi licorice-mint tea for $4.69. And if you want to try yet another, head to Buford Highway Farmers Market, 5600 Buford Highway, Atlanta, 770-455-0770, and check out Stash licorice spice caffeine-free tea for $3.99 for a box of 20 tea bags.

Q: I have been using Afta aftershave skin conditioner for many years. Starting about a year ago, I have not been able to find this product in any of the pharmacies and grocery stores in our area. Has this item been discontinued and, if not, where might I find it in the Dunwoody or nearby areas? Thank you. P. Douglas Wexler, Dunwoody

A: Afta aftershave skin conditioner by Mennen is still available locally. You'll find it at Tuxedo Pharmacy, 164 W. Wieuca Road, Atlanta, 404-255-3022. A 3-ounce bottle sells for $4.49. Note that the pharmacy usually keeps only one bottle on the shelf, so call ahead to make sure it's available. You can order more whenever you like.

Q: Someone suggested that I clean my makeup brushes with something other than my old-fashioned method of using shampoo. I was told that Face Secrets makes a cleaner that works really well. I can’t find it. Can you? Thanks. Laurie Johnson, Alpharetta

A: Laurie, a lot of people use your method for cleaning brushes with great success — as long as you use a mild shampoo. Face Secrets cosmetic brush cleaner — for natural and synthetic bristles — is available at Sally Beauty, 2622 Holcomb Bridge Road, 770-594-8076. A 4-ounce bottle of the blue liquid sells for $6.99.