Where can I find: Elk steaks, Bru instant coffee, Moxie Original Elixir

Q: I have tried elk steaks several times and absolutely love the tender, juicy flavor of the cut. Most notably, I’ve tried Soho’s elk steak in Vinings, and absolutely adore it. I want to try my hand at grilling the steaks at home, but can’t seem to find anywhere that sells them in Atlanta. I don’t particularly want to order them online, either. Can you help? Thanks. Kyle Yelton, email

A: Kyle, don’t worry, you won’t have to order your game online, but you’ll have to call ahead to get the steaks in town. Elk steaks are lean, with less fat and fewer calories than most other red meats. And because the meat is not fatty, you need to take care when grilling to keep it from getting dry. For instance, the Minnesota Elk Breeders Association recommends that you marinate elk steaks in an oil-based marinade, and then take care not to grill them beyond medium well. Call Shield’s Meat Market, 1554 N. Decatur Road, Atlanta, 404-377-0204, to order your elk steaks. The shop receives them locally from Buckhead Beef, and you should be able to pick them up at Shield’s within two to three days from the time you placed your order.

Q: Where would I find Bru instant coffee? It has chicory in it and makes a very robust cup of coffee with milk. Thank you. G. Williams, Milton

A: Bru is a product of India, and you can find it in 100-gram glass jars for $3.99 at Cherians International Groceries, 2255 Peachtree Parkway, Cumming, 770-888-4141.

Q: May I request your assistance in finding Dr. Kaufmann medicated sulfur zinc oxide soap in a store that is close to where I live? Thank you. Joey Carreon, Sandy Springs

A: Dr. Kaufmann medicated soap is formulated with sulfur and zinc oxide to help relieve a variety of minor skin problems. You’ll find the bar soap not far from you at Tuxedo Pharmacy, 164 W. Wieuca Road, Atlanta, 404-255-3022. Each bar sells for $6.29. Call to make sure that the store has received the soap before you go. It’s not a regularly stocked item, but the pharmacy was going to order a few bars.

Q: Can I find Moxie Original Elixir near me? I would like to buy 12 bottles for my book club as we are reading an Elizabeth Strout book, and she talks about the soda. Ordering it online makes it horribly expensive. Thanks in advance. Liz Mynatt, Alpharetta

A: Since 2005, Moxie, boasting a slightly bitter edge, has been recognized as the official soft drink of Maine. It’s not surprising when you consider that Moxie creator Augustin Thompson comes from Maine. Strout also was born there, and it’s the setting for her popular Olive Kitteridge collection. I realize that this isn’t exactly in your neighborhood, but David’s Produce and Country Store, 3561 Lavista Road, Decatur, 404-325-0709 is worth the drive, and it’s a reliable source for a wide variety of vintage sodas, including Moxie. You can get 12-ounce glass bottles of Moxie for $2.25 each. And don’t be surprised if you come home with a freshly baked cake for your book club. David’s offers a selection of Southern favorites that are hard to ignore.