What tops Georgian’s shopping list at Walmart?

You can learn a lot about someone by the way they shop, and Walmart keeps careful track.

In North Dakota, for example, lots of people like watermelon flavored gum.

In Maine it’s brownie mix.

As strange as it may seem, those items were among the top 25 items bought at Walmarts in those respective states.

The retailer just released a map of the top sales items by state, picking out some of the more unusual items from the top 25 in each state. The list is unsettling.

In Washington State? Vanilla frosting is among the top products in demand. In Minnesota: Flaming Hot Cheetos take the chill off winter.

People in Ohio love their grape-flavored drink mix, while Louisianans thrive on root beer extract.

Georgia’s item is a bit specific: the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair.

Some preferences make sense: in Alaska antifreeze is a top seller — both for RVs and for boats. Some of the items don’t: in North Carolina what do they need? Mayonnaise.

It’s cinnamon flavored toothpaste in Vermont and sweet canned corn in New Hampshire that make the cash registers ring. Back home in sleepy Indiana they line up for instant coffee while the body builders in California boost the sales of protein powder.

At least the folks in Oklahoma have their priorities straight. One of their top items? Barbecue sauce.

You can access the map here.