T3 Twirl 360 auto-rotating curling iron twirls as it curls

What is it?

T3 Twirl 360 is a motion-sensing, auto-rotating curling iron with a ceramic 1.25-inch barrel that uses gyroscopic technology to give you gorgeous curls. Simply put: It twirls as it curls.

Why do I need it?

"Curling hair can fatigue your hand and wrist, especially if you have long hair. Also, right-handed people often struggle with the left side of their head, and vice versa. These challenges keep women from the soft curls and beachy waves that they want," says Kent Yu, T3 founder.

The gorgeous rose gold-and-white Twirl 360 features two speed settings -- a slow speed for shorter hair, and a faster speed for longer tresses. Users can select from five heat settings. Twirl 360 comes with a heat-resistant mat since the design doesn't allow for a kickstand.

And while the idea of a rotating curling iron might seem as a convoluted reinvention of the wheel, Yu explains that it's really not at all complicated to use.

"The Twirl 360 makes it super easy. Just like how an iPhone rotates videos and pictures, depending on how you hold the phone, the Twirl 360 automatically wraps hair around the barrel based on how you hold it. No buttons to push or wrists to fatigue. Just move your hand once oh-so-slightly in the direction you want to curl, and the barrel rotates automatically to wrap up your hair," he says.

You can check out the video tutorial here.

Price, please?


Where can I buy it?

Sephora, Lenox Square Mall, Atlanta, t3micro.com

Bottom line:

If a manual curling iron is too time consuming or difficult for you, consider taking Twirl 360 for a spin.