Light up your life with ilumi LED Smartbulb

You can customize your own ilumi chandelier and control each bulb individually for dramatic, multicolored effects.

Credit: ilumi

Credit: ilumi

You can customize your own ilumi chandelier and control each bulb individually for dramatic, multicolored effects.

What is it?

ABC's Shark Tank survivor ilumi LED Smartbulb. The bulbs shone so brightly that they caught the attention -- and wallet -- of one of the most discerning sharks, billionaire businessman Mark Cuban, who signed on as an investor.

Simply screw in the ilumi Smartbulb as you would any regular light bulb, download the free app, pair the bulb via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android device and light up your world in a whole new way.

The bulbs, currently available in two sizes, one for standard lamps (A19) and a larger flood version (BR30) for overhead, recessed and track lighting, allow you to customize your environment. Note that there's an outdoor flood light expected later this summer.

"With ilumi, it's not solely about mobile app control, it's really about helping people unlock the power of light to find, set, and schedule exactly the right light to make the most of their space, and improve their lives," says Corey Egan, ilumi co-founder.

"Like color television and Smartphones it's something that when you experience it for the first time, you don't understand how you ever lived without it."

Why do I need it?

Hate waking up to a blaring alarm? Rise & Shine mode simulates a sunrise. You can select from several world (and otherworldly) locations. Open your peepers to the cool blue sunrise of Denver or the warm, fuchsia-to-orange glow of Maui. With the app, you can easily set the time and duration of your personalized sunrise, and what days it repeats.

The presence detection feature turns each light on and off automatically when it senses that your smart device is nearby.

Shake allows you to power the lights on or off by a quick flick of your smart device.

Vacation mode turns the bulbs on and off while you're away.

Bluetooth SmartMesh technology allows you to pair more than 50 ilumi Smartbulbs, each with a wireless range of over 150 feet.

Price, please?

$59.99 for A19, $69.99 for BR30 and the outdoor flood. Note that these bulbs are designed to last for up to 20 years, and are six times more energy efficient than an equivalent incandescent light bulb.

Where can I buy it?

Best Buy,

Bottom line:

Easy to set up, easy to use -- and don't forget those magical sunrises.