Dear Keaton offers its customers a unique getaway while still at home

Credit: Photo provided by Dear Keaton

Credit: Photo provided by Dear Keaton

Dear Keaton founders Chris Hutcheson and Christie Shepard have discovered a unique blend of globally sourced and resort-like furniture, accents, jewelry and clothing that has the ability to take you back to your favorite vacation spot without the hassle of actually traveling there. Both Atlanta natives, the ladies combined their love for travel and retail experience to create a unique online experience for shoppers. What inspired them to start the online store stemmed from memories of time they each spent abroad on vacation. "I found myself on the west coast of Mexico and wanted to always remind myself of that feeling of luxury," said Hutcheson. "The perfect day for me would feel like I'm on vacation without the travel," said Shepard.

The Dear Keaton website is the only place consumers can purchase the many pieces on display like the Retro Ratten high back chair ($520) or the Pamona Rattan side chair ($842). Both pieces resemble high-end furniture found at a luxurious resort overseas or in South America. Household items like the Deco white towel tray ($57) and Dodecahedron glass vase ($46) have the ability to spruce up the most common rooms in your home. "We try to supply the personal touches with the unique mix of products we provide," said Shepard. Hutcheson added, "It was really important to have products we were excited about." Another personal and unique touch is the brand's name that both founders agree was purposely picked. "Keaton is a really unique name that people seem to really remember," said Shepard.

The founders consider the lack of a brick and mortar location an advantage amongst the many shopping options in metro Atlanta. With new arrivals consistently being added to the site, rare furniture and decor shopping is easy. "This allows us to be more reactive to our customers' wants and needs," said Hutcheson. "This is how people are shopping, especially in Atlanta."

Shepard said, "It allows us to cater to a much broader audience." The ladies have a regularly updated blog on the Dear Keaton website that keeps visitors informed on topics ranging from gift ideas to travel to sightseeing abroad and what to wear when doing it: the Chambray denim blue fringe scarf ($28); the Liz long tunic ($65), 100 percent cotton and available in light blue and taupe; and the Inca Abaya caftan ($98), currently only available in watermelon. Dear Keaton has a number of bags and totes that can easily transition from your trip to the beach to your commute to work.

The brand was created for people with "traveling spirits" that love "everyday luxuries," according to the founders, and each purchase includes a handwritten note from Hutcheson and Shepard. "The mix of products make Dear Keaton unique," said Hutcheson. "We try to focus on a global feel, we're going to have a lot of products you won't see in stores." Dear Keaton offers the getaway you won't have to travel to or ever leave.