Atlanta made Crafts and Love jewelry is minimalist with bohemian flair

Many jewelry designers start off making jewelry as a hobby. Courtney Weil has a similar story. After selling jewelry as a teen to raise money, she began to see she had an eye for great pieces. After attending Georgia Tech and Emory University, she started Crafts and Love.

From necklaces, she expanded to bracelets and earrings in the range of $12-$48 and her brand gained popularity. Crafts and Love is known for their petite chains with adornments using gemstones and geometric shapes.

Here is what Weil has to say about the brand she describes as "minimalist with a slight bohemian flair."

Q: What was your inspiration for starting Crafts and Love?

A: I've created jewelry as a hobby since I was a teenager, and started Crafts and Love in college to fundraise for a mission trip to Nicaragua. In the process of setting up my first Etsy shop, I realized how much I adored selling jewelry and running a small business, and pursued Crafts and Love fulltime after completing my Master's Degree.

Q: What makes your brand unique?

A: I handcraft every piece of jewelry in Atlanta and try to source the most interesting gemstones possible. I try to design pieces that are lightweight and easy to wear, while remaining affordable to any buyer. I want my designs and price point to be very approachable.

Q: What metals and gems do you prefer to use in your designs?

A: I use a lot of brass, because of its affordability, and of course gemstones. I am obsessed with kyanite, a blue gemstone, and dalmatian jasper, a black and white spotted gemstone

Q: What are your best sellers?

A: For necklaces, our Tide Necklace and Porcupine quill pendants are our top sellers this year. Our Soiree and Mina bracelets are always top sellers, and I cannot seem to make them fast enough.

Q: What are some Fall jewelry trends you are looking forward to?

A: Fall is a great season for jewelry wearing, I love the idea of a statement pendant necklace with layers and scarves. To be honest, I am not big into following trends, because I try to keep designs that are not trendy or will go out of style in a few years. I love making jewelry that my customers love years down the road, and try to stick to a classic, approachable style.

Q: What is next for your Crafts And Love?

A: We have a few more tradeshows on the books for this year, so I will focus on wholesale leading up to the holiday season. In the Fall we ramp back up our retail craft shows, particularly in the city. Some of my favorite crafts shows are in the Fall and I always look forward to setting up our booth outdoors, enjoying a few beers, and selling jewelry to some stellar customers in Atlanta.

Q: What is your most proud moment as a designer?

A: Running Crafts and Love has been an adventure with a lot of little wins throughout the years. Getting picked up by Urban Outfitters was a really exciting moment that I will never forget. I was also very proud to be voted Best Indie Crafter last year in Creative Loafing. It meant a lot to be voted by the readers and I was completely surprised when I saw my name in the magazine.
Q: Where can we find your jewelry in the Atlanta area?

A: The Beehive in Edgewood has the biggest selection of Crafts and Love in Atlanta. Also check out Young Blood, Kudzu Antiques (in both Decatur and Sandy Springs), The Ballog in Serenbe, and Love Street in Smyrna.

Crafts & Love releases new collections twice a year while still adding new pieces throughout the year. Check them out at one of the stores above or you can visit them online at CraftsAndLove.com.