Children quiz Pope Francis in new book

Pope Francis addressed members of the U.S. Congress and met with world leaders, but perhaps his most interesting questions came from children.

The pope recently answered questions about faith from 30 children ages 6-13 from around the world. The questions were submitted in handwritten letters.

Jesuit Father Antonio Spadaro, who went through the questions with the pope, said he may have had trouble thinking about how to answer the questions, according to the Catholic News Service.

But the pope sailed right through.

The question-and-answer project, along with drawings, will be published March 1 by Loyola Press. The first books will be published in English and Spanish. Later, 12 Jesuit publishers in 11 countries will simultaneously publish the book.

The title is simple enough: “Dear Pope Francis.”

Questions ranged from what did the pontiff want to be when he grew up to what did God do before the world was made?

Just so you know, the pope answered that he wanted to be a butcher when he was younger because the butcher had an apron with a big pocket that seemed to be full of money.

As for what was God doing before creation:

“Think of it this way: Before creating anything, God loved. That’s what God was doing: God was loving.”

The book may be well-read in the Archdiocese of Atlanta, which has more than a million Catholics.