The reason this man photographed his sleeping girlfriend will warm your heart

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A very proud boyfriend posted a photo on Imgur of his sleeping girlfriend, and it has gone viral for all the right reasons.

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The Imgur user snapped a picture of his girlfriend asleep in bed and surrounded by school books.

"My 38-year-old girlfriend just started her second quarter of college," he wrote. "She's raised two kids, 15 and 10, on her own, has (bad) parents and was the victim in not one but two domestic violence cases. This is how I found her tonight. I'm so proud of this woman I could burst. We went wedding ring shopping earlier today, and I think I'm ready to make the best decision of my life."

Many users started commenting, telling the man how lucky he is and that he should definitely "put a ring on it."

"She needs you to make her breakfast in the morning more than anything," one user wrote. "Treat that woman like gold."

Later, the man posted an update after receiving so much positive feedback.

"Wow, I had no idea Imgur could be so amazing," he wrote. Thanks for all the kind words of support you guys! This woman profoundly inspires me, and it sounds like she has many of you. Also, I'm gonna take all of y'alls advice and marry her. Send me all your love stories."

The photo has over 1 million views on Imgur so far.