Need a babysitter? Here are the top sitters in metro Atlanta from SitterTree

If you're in need of a babysitter but don't know what the going rate is these days, you should check out UrbanSitter's 2017 National Childcare Rate Survey, which shows how much parents are paying their babysitters based on where they live. The nationwide average is $15.20 an hour for one child, but the rate varies throughout the country. San Francisco had the highest rate of $17.34 an hour. Denver was the country's least expensive city for a sitter, at $12.22 an hour for one kid.

SitterTree, a babysitting site, has compiled a list of its top sitters in Georgia and beyond.

Finding the right babysitter is an ongoing quest for parents in metro Atlanta and elsewhere. After all, deciding who you can trust with your child is an extremely important decision – and often a stressful one.

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You'll want to be sure of your sitters' credentials and background and know that they'll engage your child rather than parking on the couch and watching scary movies all evening.

SitterTree, a babysitter request and scheduling tool, has compiled a list of their top 10 metro Atlanta sitters, providing a helpful resource for parents. It's the brainchild of Jody Stephenson, who started the company in 2000 as a sophomore at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta. The company has now doled out more than 25,000 babysitting jobs. This is the first year the company has compiled its top 10 list, Stephenson told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The company recruits experienced local college students and professionals, requiring in-person interviews and extensive background checks.

Not only do the sitters often work through several years of college, but they also often stay with it through grad school, Stephenson said.

“They’ll stay with us throughout college and typically a few years throughout their career – grad school, law school and even the first few years of working so they can pay off student loans.”

To be considered for the top 10 list, babysitters must have been named a favorite sitter by at least 25 families and have a minimum rating of 4.95 out of 5 stars. It's the first such list compiled by SitterTree, and it's designed to reflect on the sitters' accomplishments and commemorate reaching the milestone of 25,000 jobs, Stephenson said.

The following were named as the top 10 babysitters in Atlanta and parts of Florida, listed alphabetically by their first names:

Alsha McGilvery – Kennesaw State University student from Jackson, Miss.

Sitter hacks – a sitter bag of arts and crafts materials as well as playing games, reading books or talking

Ashley Melendez – Kennesaw State University student from Alpharetta

Best moment – winning over a family's shy girls by braiding their hair

Hannah Matthews – Kennesaw State University student from Marietta

Sitter hacks – inexpensive, fun and easy activities from Pinterest, Google and the dollar store

Khadijah Grier – Clark Atlanta University student from Athens

Best moment – running to the car in the pouring rain with twins after a visit to Fernbank

Lace McGuire – Clayton State University graduate from Covington

Sitter hack – cranking up parent-approved music and giving text updates to parents

Nadia Nkansah – Kennesaw State University graduate from Italy

Best Moment – helping a child prepare for a Junior Master Chef audition

Sarah Frances Tomlinson – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill graduate from Atlanta

Best moment – babysitting for a three-year-old who matter-of-factly told her, out of the blue, "We have beer. If you want one. I don't know all the kinds," as if she were playing host

Tamara Kenon – Warner University graduate from Miami

Sitter hacks – engaging with kids on their level to play games, color, pretend play, etc.

Toyin Adebayo – Clark Atlanta University graduate from Maryland

Best moment – getting to see a baby's first steps

Victoria Donnelly – Emory University student from Maryland

Best moment – having kids be excited to see her and having one tell her she's the best babysitter

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