‘Bucket list’ baby is born

Newborn with rare condition dies shortly after birth
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Like any loving parents, Jenna and Dan Haley welcomed their baby son into the world.

But the parents knew that their son, Shane Michael Haley, would not live for long.

Shane had a brain condition called anencephaly, in which a large portion of the brain is missing. Most babies born with this condition die shortly after birth.

The Haleys have known about their baby’s grim diagnosis since April. Instead of mourning, they created a bucket list for their baby while he was still in the womb, taking him to their favorite childhood places and other adventures.

The Haley family recorded their journey on the Facebook page, "Prayers for Shane," which has over 700,000 likes.

On Oct. 9, Jenna gave birth to Shane Michael Haley. He met his family and was baptized before passing away peacefully in his mother’s arms, about four hours after his birth.