New program makes it easier for Cobb residents to find lost pets

Credit: PAWS Atlanta

Credit: PAWS Atlanta

Cobb County residents can find lost pets easier through a new program that provides digital identification tags.

Cobb County Public Safety Department staff has partnered with to offer the tags to help increase the chances of finding missing pets. The base charge is $10. Residents have proof of rabies vaccinations for their pets.

This new licensing program kicks off on Wednesday.

The program is only available for animals living in the county which is home to an estimated 300,000 cats and dogs . Anyone who registers a new pet license through the website  will receive the new digital ID tag.


Here’s how it works:

PetHub's system links a physical ID tag to an animal's online profile that can be accessed through an encrypted connection by anyone with a mobile phone.

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The profile can be updated, allowing owners to list emergency contact information. Optional upgrades include "found pet" alerts, GPS notifications and a way to broadcast a missing pet's profile to local shelters and businesses. PetHub will donate a portion of proceeds from optional premium services to Cobb County Animal Control.