A new podcast will tell you where to eat dinner every night in Atlanta

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Some restaurants to check out in Downtown Atlanta

Can’t decide where to go out to eat? A new daily podcast in Atlanta takes the guess work out of dinner planning

Hungry for something new, but tired of trying to decide what to have for dinner? A new Atlanta “micro” podcast will take the guess work out of that decision for you.

In about a  minute, “Dinner Tonight Atlanta,” tells listeners each day where to eat out in the city.

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"If you can't decide, I'll decide for you," host Susan Cooper says on social media.

Cooper has lived in Atlanta for 20 years, she says on her website that she still "hasn't even scratched the surface of all the great things to do" and places to eat in the city.

Which is why she’s decided to combine some of her favorite past times through this project: eating different foods, exploring Atlanta’s neighborhoods and sharing her recommendations with others.

“I’m not going to give you a long-winded bougie restaurant critic’s review,” Cooper says. “I’m just here to tell you where you’re going to eat tonight. In about 60 seconds flat, your decision will be made and you can stop hemming and hawing about where to go.”

Here’s how the podcast works: Every week, Cooper picks a neighborhood, then eats her way through it. Each day, an episode is available in podcast feeds with a recommendation.

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Since kicking off her podcast at the beginning of 2020, Cooper has explored dining options in Downtown, Little Five Points and now College Park.

“I might send you to an Atlanta landmark restaurant. I might send you to your old favorite dive bar. I might even send you to a world renowned 5-star restaurant. I will most likely send you to neighborhoods you haven’t visited before,” Cooper writes.

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“You guys still can’t make up your minds of where to go?” Cooper asks at the beginning of a recent episode.

Don’t worry, she says, “I got this.”