Need to stock up on face masks? Here’s where you can get reusable ones right now

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7 Signs You Need a New Face Mask

The CDC has recommended since April that people wear cloth face masks when in public

As the coronavirus pandemic continues around the world, Georgia has begun reopening its economy. Whether or not you feel safe dining at a restaurant again or would rather stick to making grocery store runs and heading home, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that people wear a cloth face mask if they are out in public.

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This is the case whether you show symptoms of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, or not, as evidence shows people can spread the disease when asymptomatic.

With that in mind, it may be a good idea to stock up on reusable face masks, since experts suggest they need to be washed every day. Many companies have begun to make masks after the CDC, which recommends using cotton material, has said medical-grade face masks like N95 respirators should be reserved for medical professionals. Still, several companies offering masks have them on back order.

Here are five places that, as of this publishing, Forbes reported you can order cloth face masks online right now. Also, note that face masks should be washed before use.

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For a variety of offerings: Etsy

A hub for handmade items, Etsy has become one of the main places to order reusable cloth face masks online. There are plenty of prints to choose from, and you can opt for masks that have filters or multiple layers.

Prices vary, order here.

For a high-end look: Savilino

These masks are on the pricier end, but they provide stylish and well-made looks. Elastic bands stretch over the head and neck so your ears won’t be sore. The mask itself is constructed from a Cotton Yoshiwa Mills Japanese Chambray Fabric typically seen in higher-end clothing or accessories.

Buy here for $12.99.

For children: Onzie

The CDC says children under 2 should not wear cloth face masks but for older kids, Onzie has an assorted two-pack of mindful masks for kids. These masks are multilayered and breathable, and include floral, animal and camouflage  prints.

Order an assorted two-pack here for $20.

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For an inexpensive option: FashionNova

With a single mask beginning at $4.99, fast-fashion retailer FashionNova offers an inexpensive cotton mask option. The brand says its masks were made with "both fashion and function in mind."

Buy here starting at $4.99.

If all else fails, look to social groups

Should any of the above options end up placing their masks on backorder, CNET reported local social groups can be an option. Apps like Nextdoor or Facebook  include postings of neighbors sewing masks or where to purchase some.