Lyrid meteor shower 2020: Where and how to watch

Spring means it’s time to catch the first meteor shower of the season and the second one of the year.

If you’re hoping to see the Lyrid meteor shower in action, here are the details of when it’ll happen and the best way to view it.

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When will it occur? reported the Lyrid meteor shower, which is "the dusty trail of a comet with a centuries-long orbit around the sun," will shoot across the sky between April 16 and 30. The best time to see it is overnight April 21-22, NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke told the website.

What’s the best way to see it?

If you want the best view of the shower, the American Meteor Society said based on your location, late evening and early morning hours between midnight and 4-5 a.m. local time could be the best time to glimpse meteors burning in the earth's atmosphere. However, if you want to see earthgrazers, before midnight will be the best time to view the slower, longer meteors that trace across the sky.

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Will anything be in my way to prevent me from seeing it?

Cooke told that moonlight won't swamp your view since the moon will be a thin crescent for only around two days. However, CNN reported people who live in an urban area may wish to drive to an area where their views won't be obstructed by urban lights. Yet with many business in the state shuttered amid the shelter-in-place order, it may be easier to see a clear sky.

But that doesn't mean you should whip out your mobile devices as you wait for shooting stars. CNN reported after you locate an open area with a wide view of the sky, lie on a blanket or sit in a chair so you can look upward — and don't look at your phone. Instead, give yourself 20-30 minutes to adjust to the darkness so you can more easily spot the meteors.