On list of most patriotic states, Georgia falls toward the bottom

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A new WalletHub ranking puts Georgia at No. 39 on list of most patriotic states, here’s why

On a new ranking of the country’s most patriotic states, Georgia fell toward the bottom.

Overall, the Peach State came in at No. 39 on the new list from WalletHub ahead of the July 4th holiday.

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The list compared all 50 states across 13 indicators of patriotism, broken up into two categories “military engagement” and “civic engagement.”

While Georgia excelled in the category of military engagement — it came in at 5th overall in the country for its military engagement rank. The state is also home to the highest average number of military enlistees in the nation.

However, Georgia did not fare as well in the civic engagement category. There, Georgia ranked No. 46 overall.

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The civic engagement category looked at factors like the share of adults who voted in the 2016 presidential election, volunteer rate, AmeriCorps volunteers per capita, peace core volunteers per capita, share of residents who participate in groups or organizations and civic education requirements.

WalletHub also notes that Independence Day is likely to look different this year, amid the coronavirus outbreak and with protests across the nation against racism and police brutality.

“While many states are starting to reopen, it’s unlikely that on July 4th we’ll see many grand parades, fireworks displays attended by hundreds of people, or massive cookouts celebrating our independence, since any of those activities could lead to a resurgence in the virus,” the report notes.

Overall, WalletHub says these are the top 10 most patriotic states in the country:

  1. New Hampshire
  2. Wyoming
  3. Idaho
  4. Alaska
  5. Maryland
  6. Utah
  7. North Dakota
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Minnesota
  10. South Carolina
Source: WalletHub