Learn how to track birds with free tool at Atlanta Audubon Society webinar

The organization’s director of conservation will host a webinar on how to use eBird

A recently released report on the welfare of the nation's birds includes species that call Georgia home. Some are doing well; others aren't. (AJC/Elizabeth Landt illustrations)

Warmer months mean it’s common to see birds fly into our yards, on porches and nestle in the trees during a stroll.

But if you’ve been interested in being able to go past glimpsing them and identify exactly what they are, a new webinar has just the thing for you.

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Atlanta Audubon Society is hosting a workshop on how to use the eBird app. The free tool documents things such as bird distribution and trends through checklist data collected via a simple, scientific framework. According to the website, users worldwide contribute more than 100 million bird sightings each year.

"Do you keep track of the birds you see? Did you know this information can be used (by) scientists to inform conservation decisions that benefit birds and people?" the event description reads. "Join Adam Betuel, Atlanta Audubon's director of conservation, for a workshop guiding you through the various uses of eBird, the free online checklist program that has revolutionized the way information about birds is collected and shared."

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The lunchtime event will be held online and requires no previous experience with eBird.

Virtual attendees will learn how to keep track of the birds they come across and how they can see more of them. They’ll also use eBird to learn where to see certain species or plan birding trips and share checklists with friends.

Participants can register here for $7 via PayPal.

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The Atlanta Audubon Society is a non-profit organization supported by members. Its goal is to build places where birds and people can thrive. Reaching 20 metro Atlanta counties and areas of North Georgia, the organization works to create a public policy focused on bird conservation and preserving their habitats.

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Lunch & Learn: eBird Webinar with Adam Betuel
noon-1 p.m. Wednesday, June 17
Online on Zoom