How to make the most of summer vacation amid coronavirus

As restrictions continue to relax in Georgia and around the country amid the coronavirus pandemic, many people have begun thinking about where they can travel as the official start of summer nears.

However, while some have begun venturing back out to parks and returning to dining-in as restaurants reopen, not everyone may feel ready or comfortable with taking a flight like they usually do each year.

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If you'd rather stay home for the summer, here are some ways to make the most of vacationing this season from Travel + Leisure.

Travel the world without leaving your living room

Virtual excursions have been a staple amid the coronavirus. Thanks to technology, there are ways you can visit go-to destinations from home.

Whether it's a virtual trip to the Caribbean island of Saint Luca from the local tourism authority's FacebookTwitter or Instagram accounts or checking off bucket list destinations like Machu Picchu and the Taj Mahal, via Google Street View, there are plenty of trips you can take to fit your virtual vacation needs.

Take a trip to the museum without putting on jeans

Atlanta museums have offered several ways to experience them virtually since the coronavirus pandemic emerged, but with places like Fernbank reopening, the ability to visit them in person is now an option as well.

But what if you want to explore other museums around the nation and the world? There are several places, including The Art Institute of Chicago and Paris' Musée d'Orsay, which can be viewed thanks to a partnership with Google Arts and Culture.

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Venture “outdoors” while remaining inside

While visiting parks in Georgia is an option, you may want to explore the world of outdoors outside of the Peach State. You can do that with a virtual walk along trails in Oregon with the Indian Beach Trail or even Ukraine’s Tunnel of Love.

See a roundup of virtual walking trails around the world at Travel + Leisure. The site also has a list of ways you can still take a beach getaway from home.

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