Keep your phone out of the toilet with this handy bathroom organizer.

5 unusual but super helpful organizing items for $50 or less

There's nothing like trying to get the house organized to inspire creativity, sometimes to the point of zaniness. But the manufacturers won't give up until you are organized within an inch of your life, and (maybe) you shouldn't either.

Need some inspiration? Here are five unusual organizing items that can be yours for the low, low price of somewhere under $50.

Glow-Lighted Cord Organizer (Cord Buddy)


It's not enough that this sleek little organizer will keep up to three cables secure and out of the way: It's also got a nightlight. For the real gadget geeks, rest assured that the dim light is activated by a motion sensor, so it can frighten the Bogey Man or pop on just as you're fumbling in the dark trying to find your charger cable.

Pill Organizer Water Bottle (Asobu)


Sarcasm aside, the struggle is real for those who juggle multiple vitamins with other pills. This handy little organizer lets you carry the organized doses around with another necessity: constant hydration. Another advantage: "You'll always have water when the clock strikes time-to-take-your-pills," the seller explains. Other neat (but a little weird) features: the pegs on the side prop it up, so you can load pills for the week, and the cap doubles as a cup.

Sock Laundry Organizer (Sockdock)


If you could really be this organized, how dare socks disappear in your household? But to put this to use, you'll have to follow a process that's not simple, but it is very, very effective. Basically, you hang socks on one clip when they're dirty and toss the organizer and socks into the wash. Then you start again, always using one of the clips for clean and one for dirty. And rest assured, the spring-loaded buckles adjust to hold any size sock.

Shelf Mount Mop and Broom Holder with Magnetic Grips (Magnetic Style)


Okay, so we can't really back the manufacturer on the claim that this is "stylish." It still is pretty odd in a techy sort of way. Basically, you pull together your disorganized mop and broom closet by sliding Magnetic Style® Grips onto the poles of said cleaning implements (this will happen "easily" and they'll "fit securely" according to the product description). Then the tops hang from the shelf via magnetic pull. This organizer also includes a jumbo hook for large-handled cleaning tools such as dustpans and brushes. And as the manufacturer points out, it would be "easy to take with you if you move."

Wall-Mounted Vantage Bathroom Tissue Rack With Mobile Phone Storage Shelf and Keys Hook (MagicBuy)


Go ahead, embrace that embarrassing habit of texting and so forth while you're, um, using the facilities. This "vintage" organizer keeps the bathroom extras organized. It includes a "safe and handy place to put your phone onto while it is very difficult to keep the phone in the pockets" and will also keep your phone out of the toilet. And it's got the spot for an ashtray if you need to "smoke at the same time," while watches, glasses and keys can be placed on the surface or hooked beside. And if you find it extraordinary that anyone would go to the bother of buying something just for trips to the loo, note that we're living in an age where there are 63 pages of Amazon search results for "toilet paper organizers."

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