“I love little surprises,” said Janet Mozley of the decor in her Buckhead loft, which she purchased in 2008.

Her home is sprinkled with unique details that are easy to miss on first inspection. These little surprises range from a collection of tiny houses on a mirrored side table in the living room to a group of small wooden aardvarks perched in the master bedroom. There is a paper mache dog that Mozley made herself tucked behind the sofa, and a mountain climber figurine scaling the exposed brick wall in the dining area.

“People know that of me,” said Mozley, noting that she receives quirky collections as gifts. “People have started contributing.”

The surprises in her home also include a rock climber figurine that she bought in New Zealand that hangs in her bedroom doorway and pair of witches legs sticking out from under furniture that Mozley and her guests move around her house.

“People rearrange them, people will put them toe to toe. It’s just a fun little collectable,” said Mozley.

Mozley’s unique decor embraces the loft architecture of her home, working with the soaring ceilings and exposed brick and ductwork.

“It’s a lofty environment, and I wanted to maintain that look. I didn’t want to fight it. I wanted to embrace it,” said Mozley. “Traditional interiors wouldn’t really go with what’s happening here.”


Residents: Artist Janet Mozley

Location: Buckhead

Size: 1,800 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Year bought: 2008

Architectural style: Loft

Favorite architectural elements: Exposed brick walls, high ceilings and exposed electrical and ductwork.

Interior design styles: Eclectic transitional

Favorite interior design elements: Ship on the dining room table and art throughout the loft.

Collections: Heart-shaped stones and shells in the bedroom, tiny clay houses in the living room and wooden aardvarks in the bedroom.

Favorite outdoor feature: Terrace, which is partially covered to make it usable all year.

Resources: Furniture and decor from RH, B.D. Jeffries, South of Market, Home Studio Interiors, Pieces, Brown Jordan, Silk Purse and Scott Antique Markets. Lighting from Rejuvenation, Circa Lighting, South of Market and Home Studio Interiors. Art by Janet Mozley, Bill Davidson, T. M. Nicholas, Susan Graber, Sandee Oliver Bartkowski, Henry Barnes and from Lagerquist Gallery.


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