5 ways to maximize your garage space

When you first bought your home, you had a vision for creating a perfectly organized garage. Over the years, that dream has dwindled — buried beneath a pile of clutter that has transformed your garage into a mystifying and unmanageable mess. Here are five ways you can recover that long-lost space and create the clutter-free car cove you’ve always wanted.

1. Add cabinets to clean up clutter.

A garage cabinet system provides the perfect place to organize and store power tools, cleaning supplies, knick-knacks and spare parts — an ideal solution for any DIY tinkerer or at-home mechanic. Customizable and convenient, garage cabinets offer an easy way to collect, contain and secure smaller items behind closed doors — putting you on the path to a cleaner, clearer space in no time.

2. Make use of vertical space.

Large, unruly objects like yard tools, bicycles and hoses can be a constant source of misery for homeowners seeking an end to the space-squeezing shuffle. Left without a home, these items leave your garage in a permanent state of disarray — disrupting an otherwise tidy space and leaving you scrambling for a solution. Fortunately, your garage walls offer ample room and opportunity for restoring order to the garage floor. From pegboards, panel boards and hanging shelves to metal hooks and plastic bins, there are almost endless ways to wield the power of wall space to your advantage.

3. Create a workstation.

Like getting your hands dirty? Whether you do a little wrenching or crafting on the weekends or dedicate every evening to a complete engine overhaul, a wall-mounted workbench can help you corral that at-home project into one convenient central location. Nestled comfortably among your new cabinets — and with easy access to tools, supplies and spare parts — your personalized workstation allows you to track, organize and tackle each new task with ease and efficiency. Available in a variety of configurations, workstations can be customized to meet your specific needs and space requirements.

4. Look to the sky.

There’s no better place to look than up for maximizing space in your garage. Overhead storage racks are great for keeping your patio furniture, camping coolers and Christmas tree out of sight during the offseason — as well as any other item you need only on rare occasion. Mounted securely on your garage ceiling, these hanging baskets provide a wall-to-wall storage option for tucking away the boxes, bins and even boats piling up in your parking space.

5. Pull out all the stops.

Big items require big storage solutions. If you’re searching for a better, more innovative way to keep canoes, campers and even truck toppers out of sight, a rope-and-pulley storage system may be the answer. Expanding on the idea of overhead hooks — an idea popular with professional garage organizers — a customized pulley system offers the twofold benefit of easy storage and unrivaled accessibility.

Carefully designed and installed to get the most from your overhead space, pulley systems make it possible to raise and lower large objects at your convenience — giving you access to space you may have forgotten even existed.