10 tips for colors that pop

Gone are the days of bland and boring, in are the days of vibrant color.

One of the best ways to incorporate color into your space without taking a big plunge is to use a pop of color. Color pops are essentially sprinkles of color to add interest. Color pops also allow you to be able to incorporate nearly any color you desire into your space while also allowing you to be able to easily swap your pop of color choice with little effort.

When it comes to adding a pop of color as a design technique, here are my top 10 Design Recipes tips.

1. Choose a rich and vibrant color.

2. Select a strong decorative item such as a pillow, throw or even upholstered item.

3. Use a technique called color mapping in which you repeat or map your color pop.

4. Try to use a single color to execute your color pop. One color is powerful.

5. Don’t overdo it. Less is more.

6. Look for the unexpected.

7. Choose colors you love.

8. Don’t be afraid to swap out your pops of color to refresh a space.

9. Consider large items such as sofas and chairs or even rugs.

10. Consider a graphic pattern instead of a color as a decorative technique. For example, a black and white chevron pattern throughout a space can be a repetitive pop element.