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Photo: Photo by Mike. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license
Photo: Photo by Mike. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

Here's what your metro Atlanta ZIP code says about you

Where you live says plenty about who you are, according to Ziptapestry, a tool available through Esri, a mapping software company. So what does your ZIP code say about you and your neighbors? Here are just a few metro Atlanta ZIP codes decoded by Ziptapestry.


30139: "Southern satellites," are how Ziptapestry classifies these residents. Most are married couples who own single-family houses or mobile homes. They have settled in the more rural part of metro Atlanta. People here work blue-collar jobs such as construction, agriculture and mining. They shop at Walmart, look for bargains and enjoy country life, including fishing and hunting.

30075: Residents of this part of Cherokee County are well-educated professionals who survived the Great Recession. They endure long commutes to afford their upscale suburban lifestyles. Spending so much time in the car and at the office means outsourcing home chores. Every member of these families has a smartphone or tablet, yet they still enjoy print magazines, especially sports and Epicurean publications.


31523: Residents in this part of Clayton County are "Middleburgers," people who saw their once-rural neighborhoods transformed into sub-suburban enclaves. This part of Clayton County has seen young, family-oriented couples with children move to the area. Traditional American interests such as faith, family and country are standards. Their TV leans toward Christian, country, bowling and baseball.

30273: Nearly 42 percent of these residents are considered "American Dreamers." They are foreign-born couples who moved to this area for more affordable housing. This group is hard-working and willing to put off luxuries to achieve home ownership. They enjoy watching television and renting movies.


31735: Many of the "Resort dwellers," in this ZIP code look forward to retirement. They are willing to make longer commutes to afford more real estate. They enjoy the simple life and reject the need to "keep up with the Joneses." Unfazed by trends and fads, these people shop out of necessity instead of indulgence. If they can't find products they like locally, they buy things online. They watch Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and DIY Network.


30322: Deemed the "Social Security set," residents in this ZIP code live alone on low, fixed incomes. Many of them live in low-cost apartments in high-rise buildings. Although the business district may be noisy, people here enjoy the area's urban vibe and easy access to hospitals, community centers and public transportation. They stay thrifty and keep shopping to a minimum. For entertainment, they watch documentaries, games shows and the news. They opt to listen to the radio instead of social media.

30337: This is an eclectic bunch. A mixed-bag in terms of diversity, age and income, many of them rent apartments in mid-sized buildings. Some don't speak English fluently and have moved to this ZIP code recently. They are trendy and aware of their social status. That's why you'll often see them wearing designer brands. Their favorite sport? Football, both the American and European versions.


31535: Considered "down the road" residents, people in this ZIP code live in semi-rural neighborhoods. Nearly half live in mobile homes. This young, diverse population is made up of mostly married couples and single parents. For them, family comes first. Trips to Walmart are commonoften including stops at a convenience store for lottery tickets. They also enjoy hunting, fishing and watching Animal Planet.

30324: These young, educated metro dwellers live alone or with a roommate in rented apartments or condos. These risk-takers are goal-oriented professionals chasing the American Dream. Most of their income goes to rent. However, they spend any leftover cash on fashion and the latest technology. They buy groceries from Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and clothing from Banana Republic, Nordstrom and Gap. To keep in shape, they practice yoga and Pilates.


30257: When it comes to this ZIP code, you may as well be in the 30139 ZIP code in Cherokee County. These residents are bargain-hunting, blue collar workers. Slow to adapt to technology, they prefer good deals over name brands. They enjoy owning pets, working on their vehicles, country music and hunting.

30326: This is the laptop and lattes crowd. They are well-educated, affluent singles and "partner couples." Most of them are professionals who work in legal, business, financial or computer industries. They rent apartments with easy access to public transportation, fitness centers and high-end grocery stores. They stay connected via smartphones and iPads. Standard splurges include the aforementioned lattes and spa treatments. Their leisure activities include visiting art galleries and museums. They also attend theater, opera and concerts.

Gwinnett County

30519: Nearly half of these residents can be described as affluent soccer moms. Many of them retreat to the suburbs after long commutes to jobs in the city. About 37 percent are up-and-coming families who own a variety of mobile devices. They enjoy jogging, biking, golf, boating and trips to theme parks.

30327: More than half of these high achievers have left corporate careers to consult or own their own businesses. They are married with older children. They outsource home maintenance chores such as lawn care and housecleaning, but make sure to enjoy personal services such as spa treatments. High-end retailers and airport staff see them frequently. Supporters of the arts and other charities, these Gwinnett County residents place high priority on spending quality time with family and friends.

North Fulton County

30319: About 39 percent of people living in this ZIP code are renters. They prefer urban life over suburban space. They buy organic food and are tech savvy.

30005: These urbanites take pride in their careers. Many have used their upwardly mobile status to trade up from small apartments to home ownership. They are style-conscious in terms of their clothing and home decor. They are more likely to drive late-model SUVs or luxury cars.

South Fulton County

30349: These up-and-coming families are younger and diverse, showing ambition and hard work to achieve their goals. . They prefer newly constructed homes in planned developments. Although nearly a third tend to carry some credit card debt or student loans, they still manage to save for their retirement. You'll find late-model SUVs and compact cars in their driveways.

30144: Racially diverse, these bright young professionals are more likely to rent than own a home. Their concern for the environment informs many of their lifestyle and purchase decisions. Nearly a third are still in college. They go online for everything from banking to watching Youtube and playing games.

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