How to have a Thanksgiving dinner on a budget

Thanksgiving is almost here. Have you got your menu planned? Do you know how many people are coming to dinner? I want to help you get all that figured out and I also want to help you stay within your budget. 

Make a plan
 - What is on the menu? You need to figure that the turkey will be about 40 percent of the cost of Thanksgiving dinner . I highly recommend purchasing a frozen turkey and buying it now when it is on sale. 

Don't forget you can price match at some stores like Wal-mart and Target to save more money too. The week before Thanksgiving, do all your prep work like making pie crusts and/or rolls and making your chicken stock. Also take a final inventory of what you already have in your pantry, refrigerator or freezer so you don't buy more then you need for dinner.

Stick to the tried and true - When making your Thanksgiving menu be sure to go with items that you know how to make and your guests enjoy. This is not a time to try out a new recipe for cranberry sauce that costs $15 to make. Then find out no one likes it or will eat it. Most people want a traditional turkey dinner. Try to stick with recipes with the least amount of ingredients which will save you time and money. 

Decorations - Use items in nature like leaves, branches, acorns, pine needles. Anything in your backyard is free so use it. You can even use some decorative pumpkins leftover from Halloween. You can fill vases or small glass bowls with acorns with branches coming out and spread leaves on the table. Also small tea lights or candles too adds a little ambiance. Look on Pinterest for ideas too. 

Enlist help - Don't be afraid to ask for help or ask guests to bring a side. Most guests offer so take them up on it. That can also help keep costs down. Plus everyone has a favorite Thanksgiving item.

Melissa Cox aka-Frugalissa is a wife and mom to 2 elementary aged children. Her motto is "Frugal does not mean I have to be cheap". She is into natural living, being green and tries to feed her family healthy, wholesome food while still couponing and saving a buck or two. She teaches workshops where she teaches people how to coupon, save money and make their dollars stretch. She is also an advocate for teaching people to give to those in need through couponing. She writes the blog Frugalissa Finds.


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