Christmas card addressed to 'England' somehow makes it to the right person

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A Christmas card sent from Germany addressed simply to "England" miraculously got to its intended recipient in Gloucestershire just in time for the holiday.

"I can't believe it -- it's eerie -- it's just got 'England' and sent from a sorting office in Bitburg [Germany]," recipient Paul Biggs told BBC News.

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The card appeared to have the correct address on it at one point, allowing it to make its way to the right part of England, but the address label apparently fell off at some point, BBC News reported.

On Wednesday morning, a postman asked Biggs if he was expecting any mail from Germany.

"I said 'I might be - we've got friends over there," he told BBC News. "He said 'Have a look at this letter' - so I had a look and turned it over and our friends' address was on the back of it and on the front it just said England."

The postman told Biggs he had been carrying the card with him in hopes of coming across the person it was meant for on his route.

"My wife and I are absolutely shocked but this puts posties at five or six stars and top of the tree for me this Christmas," Biggs told BBC News.