‘Historic’ skeletons found under Florida shop during repairs

Florida archaeologists have found the skeletal remains of seven people, including three children, under the floor of a St. Augustine wine shop.

Hurricane Matthew damaged the store last October and the owner, David White, decided to renovate the space. White called in city archaeologist, Carl Halbirt, to examine the shop's floor, according to news report.

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Halbirt found the skeletons, which appear to date back to the 1500s and might belong to the nation’s first colonists.

The team decided not to remove the skeletons found inside the building. Two skeletons found outside the building will be reburied in a local cemetery. Other remains have been found near the property, which is thought to have once been the location of a cemetery

The city of St. Augustine dates back to 1565 and calls itself the oldest city in the United States.