Roxann Smithers, 36, of Smyrna, Ga. lost 98 pounds

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SUCCESS STORY / Roxann Smithers, 36: From 272 pounds to 174 pounds

Former weight: 272 pounds

Current weight: 174 pounds

Pounds lost: 98

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Age: 36

How long she's kept it off: On June 15, 2011 she started Weight Watchers and reached her current weight this month.

Personal life: "I am an attorney," says Smithers. "After practicing for ten years, I started my own law firm, Smithers Thornton & Ume-Nwagbo, LLC, in June of 2012 with two partners ( We provide comprehensive legal services to startup, small, and mid-sized businesses … I live in Smyrna with my dog, Owen."

Turning point: "The turning point for me came when I went for my annual physical and I had gained weight again, despite attempting to diet and exercise on my own for a year," she says. "I decided to take my mom's advice and try Weight Watchers."

Diet plan: "I follow the Weight Watchers' Points Plus plan," she says. "Some of my food staples include: Weight Watcher protein shakes, ground turkey and chicken, chicken breast, turkey bacon, low-fat yogurt, fruit, baby carrots, roast asparagus and broccoli, low-fat cottage cheese and fruit, Weight Watcher Smart Ones desserts, sandwich thins, wheat pastas, brown rice, and Laughing Cow low-fat cheese."

Exercise routine: "I work out every day, but the activity changes depending on my schedule," she says. "Regular activities include kickboxing classes, tennis lessons and matches, golf, swimming, and walk/jog combos."

Biggest challenge: "My love of desserts is my biggest challenge," she says. "I have to find creative ways to satisfy my sweet-tooth or plan for the high-point treats … I make sure to keep my house stocked with bananas, grapes, melons, and baby carrots for healthy snacks at home and on the go."

How life has changed: "This is a lifestyle and not a diet. I made a vow to myself and that vow does not change because my circumstances change. I am on plan when I work late, when I'm in a good mood, when I'm traveling, and when I am dining out," she says. When traveling, she plans ahead. She selects hotels with gyms or areas nearby for walking and jogging. She also packs healthy snacks and heads to a store once she arrives to purchase fresh fruit. "When I travel, I attend local Weight Watchers' meetings on my weigh-in day," she says. Overall, her confidence has increased. "This is key because starting my own law firm and developing business requires a lot of confidence," she says. " I feel more relaxed and comfortable in my skin." To celebrate its 50th anniversary, this year, Weight Watchers held a 50 Years of Success Contest. Out of 6000 entries, Roxanne won as one of 50 first-prize winners.