Jerry Prescott loses 104 pounds

Age: 62 years

Former weight: 290 pounds

Current weight: 186 pounds

Pounds lost: 104 pounds

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

How long he's kept it off: Started in September 2009 and reached his goal in March.

Personal life: Jerry is president of Heritage Commercial Realty, Inc. and Heritage Commercial Ventures, Inc., a commercial brokerage firm and commercial development firm. He is also a member of Exchange Realty, LLC and a Georgia real estate instructor and motivational speaker.

Turning point: "I reached a point where I was out of control," Prescott says. "I lived to eat instead of eating to live. I know my blood pressure was high and that I was headed toward diabetes. I also was concerned about my mobility. I wanted to be around to walk my daughters down the aisle and spend a long life with my wife. I felt my appearance showed a lack of self-respect."

Diet plan: Prescott went to Quick Weight Loss Centers. "It is basically a protein-based diet but does allow for some starches and sugars. Portions are controlled and there are some items that are limited such as beef products. There is a lot of fish, seafood and poultry that are allowed. You can't have any pork or alcoholic beverages."

Exercise routine: "Currently I walk both dogs, weather-permitting, use a ski machine, lift free weights, do abdominal crunches and walk 9 holes of golf when I can," he says. "I also jog up and down stairs occasionally."

Biggest challenge: "I occasionally get the desire to really pig out, but because the plan has been so successful and so quick, I am able to resist that urge."

How life has changed: "I have regained my self-respect and confidence," he says. "I got so much support from my family, friends and counselors that I get the feeling it was really a team effort. I have more energy and want to apply this process to other goals in life and help others reach their personal objectives. I know I will never go back to the type of life choices that led to my enormous weight gain."

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