Dr. Heavenly Kimes, 43 , of Atlanta, lost 75 pounds

Dr. Heavenly Kimes, 43, went from 233 pounds to 158. Kimes started two and a half years before her weight in December 2013. She has a special diet and exercise routine with a personal trainer. She said her biggest challenge was getting the right mindset and maintaining her diet.

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SUCCESS STORY / Dr. Heavenly Kimes, 43: From 233 pounds to 158 pounds

Former weight: 233 pounds

Current weight: 158 pounds

Pounds lost: 75

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Age: 43

How long she's kept it off: Kimes started two and a half years ago and reached her current weight in December 2013.

Personal life: "I live in East Atlanta with my husband, Dr. Damon Kimes and my three children. We also have four dogs. My husband and I have been married for over 15 years," says Kimes. "I am a dentist (www.heavenlydentalassociates.com). I am an author and radio show host (www.drheavenly.com). I am also … on the Bravo network reality show series, "Married to Medicine."

Turning point: "My friend … called me her full-figured friend. I didn't think I was that heavy at the time but it really changed the way I looked at myself, and I decided I needed to change for me," she says. "I had (gastric banding) surgery in 2007, but it didn't work for me. I lost some weight but then gained it right back a year later. (This time) I changed my mind-set. I made my vision board of how much I wanted to lose. I looked at it every day and reminded myself why I wanted to do it — I wanted to be healthy for my family and to live a longer life."

Diet plan: For breakfast, she typically has oatmeal along with egg whites with onions and tomatoes. Lunch is usually a salad. Dinner is lots of vegetables and grilled chicken or fish. "I pretty much ate the same things every day to make sure my caloric intake remained the same," she says.

Exercise routine: "I go to my personal trainer twice a week," she says. "I also do weight training four days out of the week. I do the treadmill for at least ten minutes, with an elevation of six and a speed of three. I also walked in the park twice a week with my husband."

Biggest challenge: "My biggest challenge was getting the right mind-set and maintaining my diet," she says.

How life has changed: "I'm more energetic, and I'm able to do more with my husband, and children. I still work at it every day — it's not easy," she says. "After changing my mind-set, and buckling down, I was able to lose the weight through exercise and a change in diet." A desire to inspire others is what lead her to television, "I joined [Bravo's] "Married to Medicine" cast because I thought that I could add something different — a unique flair. I wanted to come in and bring some positivity. As a businesswoman, I've run multimillion-dollar businesses as the owner, yet I still know my role as a wife and mother. People need to see that." She adds, "Sometimes, you have to take the negative and use it as a vessel to get to the positive. My life's goal is to educate, uplift and inspire."