Daisy Burris, 52, of Acworth lost 79 pounds

SUCCESS STORY / Daisy Burris, 52: From 260 pounds to 181 pounds

Former weight: 260 pounds

Current weight: 181 pounds

Pounds lost: 79 pounds lost

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Age: 52 years

How long she's kept it off: She started in December 2017 and reached her current weight in February.

Personal life: "I am a laser esthetician at Dermatology Affiliates. I live in Acworth," Burris said. "I'm very proud of my children, both are in the Army. My son has been deployed, and my daughter, who just got out of the Army in February, is working on her doctorate. I found the love of my life; we found each other after 20-plus years apart, he's my true love."

Turning point: "My turning point was the before picture on the beach. … I was ticked, that was my 51st birthday. I was feeling really tired, too," Burris said. "That's how I ended up at the Center for Internal and Integrative Medicine to see Dr. Eduard Fatakhov. He started with blood work. He said, 'All your hormones are completely off. That is a major, major part of your weight gain — your metabolism, everything is off.'" She began hormone replacement therapy. "By Oct. 20, I had lost 30 pounds — 30 pounds knocked off right then and there," she said.

Diet plan: Breakfast is a protein shake. Lunch is chicken salad, with nuts and fruit throughout the day. Dinner is grilled fish. "I'm addicted to Zaxby's chicken fingers, but those don't bother me. … I stay away from cheeseburgers, french fries, bread and pasta. I just cut out all the alcohol," Burris said. "… My doctor gave me Belviq, a new class of weight-loss medication, it helps you sleep. That and my hormone replacement, that is how the other weight came off me. Not following a particular diet, I just took away what I knew caused me to gain the weight."

Exercise routine: "I tried to find something easy," Burris said. "Jumping rope is easy." For 15 minutes daily, she does 100 jumps with squats, leg lifts and planks. She also runs 5Ks with her boyfriend.

Biggest challenge: "My biggest challenge, I am going to be honest, it really wasn't too much of a challenge. I was very devastated by that picture, so my mind was made up," Burris said. "Being consistent with finding a workout routine that worked for me — the simple jump rope — when I found that, that was the key."

How life has changed:

“I feel better about myself,” Burris said. “… I know I have more confidence. Patients come to me for advice, and my co-workers, too. I have more energy. … I went from a 3XL uniform, and now I’m stepping down into a medium. … When it’s hormones, just because something works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for me. Your body reacts differently. What makes me gain weight may not make another person gain weight.”

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