4 of Atlanta's best-kept secrets for staying fit with your kids this summer

If you have kids, they've probably already started to complain about being bored now that school is out. You may find them parked in front of the TV or on their phones or tablets most afternoons instead of relishing in the sunshine. Help them switch up their routine by trying some of these fun and free outdoor activities in Atlanta to get active together this summer.

Atlanta has beautiful nature preserves tucked away amid the area's hustle and bustle. They offer the perfect chance to get the kids outside to romp, play and explore. The following are two of these hidden gems:

Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve is a 28-acre oasis near North Dekalb Mall in Decatur. It's a great place to explore and see wildlife such as beavers, raccoons and river otters. Also look for sheep grazing on English ivy within the preserve.

The Morningside Nature Preserve has trails for hiking, walking, and running amid 30 acres of forest on the fringes of the Morningside neighborhood off Lenox Road. South Fork Peachtree Creek winds throughout the preserve, and a beautiful wooden suspension bridge has been constructed over it. Kids will also enjoy spotting wildlife that includes turtles, raccoons, foxes and beavers. If your family has a dog, bring the pet to splash in the creek and enjoy its sandy shores.

Browse the Atlanta Beltline

This outdoor space circles Atlanta's intown neighborhoods in a 22-mile-long loop and provides countless ways to get active. Walk along the Beltline and enjoy the public art, which gives you a chance to expose the kids to a little culture along the way.

You and the kids can walk, run or bike along the Beltline, taking time to enjoy activities such as romping in one of the three splash pads. Activities such as sunrise hikes and yoga classes are also frequently offered. For a break during your trek, stop at one of the many restaurants along the loop.

Go on a geocaching treasure hunt

Geocaching is a fun way to get the kids outside while exploring new areas. This free outdoor activity is like a treasure hunt, and you'll be looking for small geocaches – containers that can have a small trinket inside. The thrill is in the hunt, and you'll definitely get in some walking. Depending on the terrain and the amount of time involved, you could end up breaking a sweat.

All you need is your smartphone to locate coordinates, and you'll be able to check for Atlanta-area geocaches on geocaching.com. Searches are listed by degree of difficulty, so you can select one that's appropriate for your kids' ages. You can also visit the Atlanta geocachers' Facebook page.

Play disc golf

Disc golf is a great way for people of any age to get active. It involves aiming a Frisbee-type of disc at a basket made of chains with a pole in the middle, so it's simple to play. As with regular golf, the goal is to complete the course in as few tosses as possible. Most courses are made up of 18 holes, and they're frequently found in parks and other wooded areas.

Check out discgolfscene.com or dgcoursereview.com for a list of courses in Georgia, which you can further refine by searching for the spot closest to your ZIP code. The courses vary in terms of difficulty and terrain. Perkerson Park is a popular destination, particularly for experienced disc golfers. The course takes you through a heavily wooded area and along a stream and some hills. If you and the kids start to become serious about this activity, many of the courses also host tournaments.