Angie Eidschun lost 18 pounds

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Success story

Angie Eidschun, 39: From 163 pounds to 145 pounds

Former weight: 163 pounds

Current weight: 145 pounds

Pounds lost: 18 pounds

Height: 5 feet, 7 inches

Age: 39 years

How long she's kept it off: She started in January and reached her current weight in March.

Personal life: "I am a licensed professional counselor. … My practice is in Roswell, Trinity Counseling Center at Real Health Medical." She's been married for 13 years, has two children and lives in Cumming.

Turning point: "I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in March 2015. I had chemo, radiation and my body had an inflamed response. I retained fluids. I was swollen everywhere. In my adult life, I have been a pretty fit person … I worked out during chemo. From the chemo and radiation, my body developed candida. … My hormones were imbalanced, my thyroid was imbalanced, my whole system was different than anything I had ever experienced in my body." She saw Nancy Masoud, a metabolic specialist and weight-loss counselor at Real Health Medical, where Eidschun also has her counseling practice. "She was tenacious. … My body was very resistant to letting go of that inflammation and swelling."

Diet plan: Due to her cancer diagnosis, she follows an alkaline diet of 70 percent fruits and vegetables and 30 percent lean meat.

Exercise routine: She works out three to five times per week doing jogging, weight lifting and circuit training.

Biggest challenge: "My biggest challenge, hands down, was sugar cravings (from candida). It was awful the first two weeks — it felt like detoxing from a drug. … I had to make a severe life change; I wasn't happy about that. That was because of the cancer. I have to be extremely limited with my sugar intake and that is what I love. … I always justified my sugar intake. I overall ate healthy and worked out, so if I wanted a piece of cookie cake, I was going to have it."

How life has changed: "I have been cancer-free since September, eight months. … The hardest for me to accept is so many areas I can't live my life the way I used to. … Nancy was never frustrated, (always) patient and so sweet, and genuinely cared. The most important thing is Nancy gave me hope — that is very important for someone fighting cancer to have."